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Pachawa Retreat Centre

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Immerse yourself in a soulful sanctuary and let go of your worries.
Alentejo, Portugal

Pachawa Retreat Centre

Reconnect with your inner self, relax in peaceful tranquillity, and rejuvenate your weary spirit. Step into Pachawa Retreat Centre, where a heartfelt vision blossoms into a healing sanctuary. Rediscover the essence of your being, a promise of renewed vitality, and a spirit dancing with newfound freedom. Feel the solid ground beneath your feet as you journey into the depths of your essence. In this serene haven, hearts unfurl and love finds its gentle flow once again. This retreat sanctuary is more than just a getaway; it’s a homecoming.

Nestled in the heart of Alentejo, the captivating region of southern Portugal, Pachawa is a tranquil haven for transformative retreats. Pachawa’s experts stand prepared to craft bespoke experiences fusing yoga, personal growth, and sustainable living amidst picturesque countryside. In this serene setting, the pressures of modern life fade away, and a profound sense of relaxation envelops every corner. Find your flow with yoga retreats, self-discovery workshops, and regenerative living experiences. Pachawa is the ultimate sanctuary for holistic healing and rejuvenation in harmony with nature and community.

Pachawa offers a diverse range of accommodation options. From luxury apartments to eco-domes of nature-friendly design, there’s something special for every need. Discover a range of wellness-focused activities tailored exclusively for your group’s enjoyment. A fabulous untouched beach is just a 25-minute drive away, ideal for surfing, hiking, swimming, and sunbathing. It’s time to let the healing power of nature rejuvenate your spirit and replenish your soul.

Shed anything that weighs you down. Let go of restrictive beliefs and outdated patterns that hold you back. Open your arms to the authentic well-being that awaits. Embrace the journey of profound self-awareness and unlock the boundless potential within you. Pachawa Retreat Centre is where you blossom with possibility, thrive purposefully, and radiate inner harmony.

  • Climate

    In Alentejo, May, June, and October offer comfortable weather, with temperatures ranging between 20°C and 25°C.

  • Flight

    Alentejo does not have its own airport. Travellers typically fly into Lisbon International Airport (LIS) or Faro International Airport (FAO) and then travel to Alentejo by car, bus, or train.

  • Language

    In Alentejo, Portuguese is the official language, and Alentejan Portuguese serves as the regional dialect spoken in this region.

  • Currency

    The Euro (EUR) is the official currency used across the Alentejo region and throughout Portugal.

A Place to Unwind

Relax amidst the captivating hills along Portugal’s Atlantic coastline at Pachawa. Embraced by awe-inspiring natural beauty and picturesque beaches, this retreat sanctuary resides within a nature reserve, providing a haven for rejuvenation and contemplation. Serving as a potent space for reconnecting and healing amidst tranquil surroundings, it beckons you to retreat and renew. Pachawa is where you can let go of your worries, immerse yourself in tranquillity, and be embraced by the charm of the surrounding landscape.

A Place to Rejuvenate

Discover a haven for growth, reconnection, and transformation, catering to a maximum of 20 individuals. Embrace yoga, self-development, and regenerative living, harnessing the pure energy within. Nurture your body and mind while seamlessly integrating mindfulness and awareness into your daily life. Unleash your full potential within a tranquil setting, complete with a spacious yoga platform showcasing awe-inspiring valley vistas. Engage in a community that cultivates inner balance within serene surroundings.

A Place to Share

Experience the love, passion, and dreams that infuse every corner of Pachawa. Through the tireless efforts of countless hands, hearts, and talents, Pachawa has evolved into the vibrant sanctuary as it is today. Volunteers skilled in gardening, construction, artistry, culinary arts, design, and photography breathe life into Pachawa’s visions. What distinguishes this heavenly retreat is its inclusive ambience, where volunteers discover solace and camaraderie, immersing themselves in the revitalising embrace of nature and community.

A Place to Stay

Immerse yourself in the nurturing embrace of nature at Pachawa. Let Lakshmi Apartment, Shanti Apartment, Hanuman Apartment, Shared Space Apartment, Fire Truck Dickie, DHL Truck Sunny, and Eco-Domes assure you an idyllic retreat. Whether you crave tranquil seclusion or adventurous escapades, revel in sustainable living surrounded by comfort and tranquillity. Embark on a transformative journey of relaxation, self-discovery, and personal growth, where sublime comfort meets thrilling adventure at every turn.

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  • Lakshmi Apartment and Shanti Apartment
  • Hanuman Apartment and Shared Space Apartment
  • Fire Truck Dickie and DHL Truck Sunny
  • Eco-Domes
  • Eco-friendly projects
  • Transformational retreat programmes
  • Intimate space for transformational retreat programmes
  • Specialists in yoga, self-development, and regenerative living
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Hang-out zones
  • Educational veggie gardens
  • Captivating natural landscapes

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Transformative Healing


Stunning Landscapes

The Ultimate Sanctuary for Holistic Healing and Rejuvenation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do retreats contribute to the discovery of personal growth and renewed vitality?

    Retreats offer a valuable opportunity for individuals to temporarily step back from their daily routines and engage in activities focused on self-discovery and revitalisation. Through workshops, meditation, and connections with others, retreats create an environment conducive to reflection and personal development. This break from the usual hustle and bustle allows participants to gain fresh perspectives, reconnect with themselves, and reignite their sense of purpose and vitality.

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