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Mellow Beach House

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Unwind in nature’s beauty and discover peace in its tranquil embrace.
Essaouira, Morocco

Mellow Beach House

Step into the tranquil embrace of Mellow Beach House, where sustainable living intertwines with seaside serenity. Perched in a Thuya-laden forest above Sidi Kaouki, this eco-responsible retreat sanctuary invites you to unwind in nature’s beauty. Savour the symphony of the ocean’s panorama harmonising with the enchanting ambience of the countryside. Mellow Beach House offers a serene escape just 20 minutes from the captivating city of Essaouira in Morocco. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of tranquillity and eco-conscious elegance. Let the rhythmic whispers of the ocean waves carry you to a sustainable slice of paradise.

Built in the traditional ‘Beldi’ style using stone, clay, and wood, Mellow Beach House ensures comfort with thermoregulation. Embracing eco-friendly practices, the house adheres to the principles of a genuine eco-lodge. The house prioritises sustainability by implementing an advanced solar-powered energy system. This system harnesses ample sunlight, establishing a renewable and eco-friendly electricity source for the house. It also incorporates water utilisation practices by repurposing wastewater to irrigate specific plants and trees. These initiatives significantly reduce dependence on traditional energy sources. It aligns seamlessly with eco-lodge principles, underscoring a commitment to minimising environmental impact.

Comprising seven rooms around two charming patios, Mellow Beach House can comfortably host up to 22 guests. Discover numerous cosy nooks, whether you prefer soaking up the sun, finding shade, or enjoying indoor and outdoor spaces. Revel in the terrace offering a breathtaking view of the ocean. Relax in the small outdoor lounges amidst the picturesque countryside. Unwind by the campfire corner featuring a snug sofa for night-time relaxation. Take a refreshing dip in the Poolette pool. Explore the on-site shop with locally crafted pieces from noble, natural, and recycled materials. Mellow Beach House is where unforgettable moments are crafted for an ideal retreat escape under the Moroccan sky.

  • Climate

    Essaouira experiences a tropical climate, with daytime temperatures ranging from 19°C in January to 23°C in September. November stands out as the rainiest month.

  • Flight

    Essaouira Mogador Airport (ESU) primarily caters to domestic flights. It also facilitates international flights, focusing on connections to and from Europe.

  • Language

    While Arabic holds the status of the official language in Morocco, French is widely spoken, particularly in Essaouira.

  • Currency

    The official currency used in Essaouira and throughout Morocco is the Dirham (DH).

Sanctuary House

Indulge in the charm of a thermoregulatory house crafted in the traditional ‘Beldi’ style, using stone, clay, and wood. Functioning as a genuine eco-lodge, it relies on solar power, greywater reuse, a dry toilet system, and meticulous recycling practices. The seven rooms encircling two patios graciously accommodate up to 22 people. Immerse yourself in the retreat’s array of relaxation options, featuring snug corners, a terrace with mesmerising ocean views, outdoor lounges, a dedicated campfire area, and the welcoming 'Poolette' swimming pool. Don’t miss the chance to explore the local shop, showcasing beautifully crafted items from noble, natural, and recycled materials.

Culinary Journey

Savour the rich flavors of traditional cuisine featuring locally sourced, fresh ingredients expertly crafted by the talented chef Khadija. Lunch options include either the daily menu or a buffet, while dinner, served after sunset, offers a diverse buffet. Reservations are welcome for lunch and dinner every day. Enjoy a culinary journey where every dish tells a story, blending time-honored recipes with a modern twist. Whether you’re seeking a cosy lunch or a romantic dinner, the retreat’s restaurant sets the stage with a welcoming ambience for a delightful dining experience. The dedicated staff prioritises the pleasure of dining, ensuring each visit is a memorable and gratifying experience.

Enchanting Accommodation

Discover the accommodation with seven bedrooms: 2 double bedrooms (one double bed), 2 triple bedrooms (1 double bed and 1 single bed), 3 family rooms (1 double bed and 2 single beds). With a total capacity for up to 22 overnight guests, the rooms provide picturesque views of the countryside or the ocean. Each bedroom is meticulously designed for comfort, seamlessly integrating innovative amenities with stylish decor. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or a venue for gatherings with family and friends, the seven-bedroom accommodation promises a flexible and welcoming space for an unforgettable stay. Dive into a blend of serenity and elegance, creating a memorable stay tailored just for you.

Wellness-oriented Activities

Explore diverse activities tailored to your preferences in the region. Indulge in various massages and treatments, including the option to experience a hammam either at the traditional village spa or in Essaouira. For yoga enthusiasts and retreat groups, complimentary yoga equipment is provided for practice in the beautiful Shallah living room or outdoors in pleasant weather. Additionally, you can explore the scenic surroundings through guided nature walks or engage in thrilling water sports experiences along the coast. The region is abundant with opportunities for you to indulge in what you love under the Moroccan sky, where retreat seamlessly intertwines with well-being for a harmonious journey of rejuvenation.

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What you’ll get

  • 2 double bedrooms (1 double bed)
  • 2 triple bedrooms (1 double bed + 1 single bed)
  • 3 family rooms (1 double bed + 2 single beds)
  • Massage and treatment programmes
  • Hammam treatment programmes
  • Yoga retreat programmes and equipment
  • Traditional Moroccan cuisine
  • Shallah living room
  • Car rental service

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What distinguishes retreats in Morocco, setting them apart as uniquely special compared to those in other countries?

    Retreats in Morocco stand out for their exceptional blend of rich cultural experiences, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. The unique combination of traditional Moroccan practices, such as authentic cuisine, intricate artistry, and the allure of the Sahara Desert, sets these retreats apart from those in other countries. The diverse and captivating atmosphere, coupled with a sense of serenity, makes Morocco an extraordinary destination for transformative and memorable retreat experiences.

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