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Folegandros, Greece


Nestled within the untouched beauty of Folegandros, a picturesque island in Greece, Gundari emerges as a sublime retreat haven. It seamlessly blends opulence with the untamed allure of an 80-acre sanctuary. Perched atop majestic cliffs, it offers a mesmerising panorama of the Aegean Sea. This luxury retreat resort beckons with an invitation to surrender to the rhythms of nature. Every moment is a chance to soak in inspiration and feel the pulse of rejuvenation. With a dedicated focus on wellness, gastronomy, and sustainability, Gundari is your passport to an unparallelled oasis experience.

Gundari draws inspiration from the timeless hues of the island, unveiling magnificent ocean vistas at every angle. Renowned Athens design studio Block722 has artfully utilised various natural materials. They create 27 suites and villas with authentic Cycladic simplicity, seamlessly blending with the surrounding earth. Crafted with an emphasis on intimacy, serenity, and elegance, Gundari stands as an epitome of subtle and refined luxury. From the carefully selected furnishings to the thoughtfully curated details, every element contributes to the overall experience. The convergence of these elements creates a transcendent atmosphere that surpasses mere accommodation. It ensures that every experience transforms into a celebration of sophisticated indulgence and tranquillity.

Discover a world of indulgence, where luxurious facilities and accommodations await. Start your day with a workout in the modern gym. Relax by the outdoor swimming pool and soak in the tranquil surroundings. Indulge in revitalizing beauty treatments and wellness therapies at the spa center. Savour exquisite culinary delights at the Orizon restaurant. Unwind in style at the chic bar with a selection of refreshing beverages. At Gundari, each moment is designed to offer a perfect blend of relaxation and sophistication throughout your stay.

Explore an untouched paradise, where tranquility meets authenticity. Your endless journey to bliss begins here at Gundari.

  • Climate

    Folegandros experiences a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers. The average temperature through the summer months is 25°C.

  • Flight

    The most convenient way to reach the island is to fly into Santorini International Airport, and then Folegandros can be reached from there by ferry in about 50 minutes.

  • Language

    The primary language spoken in Folegandros is Greek, whilst the majority of people can also communicate in English as an international language.

  • Currency

    The Euro (EUR) is the designated official currency in Folegandros and across Greece.

Suites and Villas

Gundari offers an impressive array of accommodations, encompassing suites and villas. The suite selection includes the standard suite, junior suite, executive cave suite, deluxe cave suite, and superior cave suite. Each features a king-size bed, a bathroom featuring a rain shower, a separate toilet, and a comfortable seating area with a sofa. Each suite also comes with a private heated pool that affords captivating sea views. The villas, available in 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom cliff-front options, boast king-size beds, ensuite bathrooms, and jacuzzis for added luxury. Each villa presents an expansive outdoor private terrace, complete with a heated pool, a rejuvenating jetted tub, a well-equipped kitchen zone, and a sophisticated seating and dining area – all strategically positioned on the cliff front to capture breathtaking sea views of majestic Folegandros.


Orizon, Gundari’ s restaurant guided by the abundant waters of Folegandros and the seasonal produce of the Cyclades, presents a superb array of gastronomic delights. Crafted by Michelin-starred chef Lefteris Lazarou, contemporary Greek menus are paired with the finest local and international wines, featuring ingredients sourced from Gundari’s own organic farm. Beyond a restaurant, Orizon is a space where stories unfold, strengthening old connections and fostering new ones against a breathtaking seascape. The bar, designed as a hi-fi listening space inspired by Japanese Jazz Kissatens, invites mindful music enjoyment with a vinyl-only, analogue-rich ambience. Poolside, Gundari’ s mixologists craft artisanal cocktails at the swim-up bar, allowing you to submerge blissfully with a drink and watch the sun descending beneath the waves embracing Folegandros’s picturesque landscapes.


Gundari’s Subterranean Spa, perched in a mesmerising location, gracefully clings to a dramatic cliff surrounded by the tranquil embrace of calming seas. It is a harmonious blend of ancient Greek healing traditions and the wild, locally harvested herbs and tonics of Folegandros, creating a sanctuary like no other on earth. Within this haven, the treatment programmes and the inviting hydrotherapy pool deliver the pinnacle of blissful serenity and rejuvenation for the ultimate relaxation and healing experience. Attain inner peace through transformative sound and energy healing, an array of rejuvenating treatments and therapies, soul-nourishing yoga sessions, and the blissful hydrotherapy pool – all expertly curated by a select group of visiting wellness practitioners. Immerse yourself in the serenity of Gundari, where the healing power of nature meets curated well-being.


You can truly embrace the myriad wonders of this island paradise. The concierge team, connoisseurs of Folegandros, has crafted exclusive experiences to unveil the enchantment of this magical destination. Sail through hidden bays, explore secluded beaches, and trace the majestic Folegandros coastline on private boat tours. Plunge into the vibrant undersea world with world-class scuba diving and snorkeling adventures, revealing kaleidoscopic reefs, caves, and rock walls in crystal-clear waters. Hike ancient pathways with guided excursions that rejuvenate both your legs and mind. Whether accompanied by a guide or striking out solo, electric bikes and Mini Moke EV are at your disposal, ensuring you can venture into every nook and cranny of the island. For aspiring chefs, delve into the secrets of Folegandros cuisine with a hands-on traditional cooking class. Uncover the extraordinary, only with Gundari.


Gundari is unwavering in its commitment to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices into its core design. The focus on energy efficiency is evident through the incorporation of bioclimatic buildings, complemented by initiatives, including the carbon monitoring and certification programme with EarthCheck, the use of renewable solar energy, and the ability to maintain a 100% electric vehicle fleet with low carbon emissions. Striving for zero waste and the elimination of single-use plastics, Gundari employs smart centrally controlled energy systems and low light pollution design. In dedication to the local community, Gundari actively supports the development of the new Folegandros Medical Facility, promotes the island’s gastronomy and restaurants, engages local companies and staff, prioritises the use of local products, and contributes to the revival of traditional Folegandros agricultural practices.

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What you’ll get

  • Standard, junior, executive, deluxe cave, and superior cave suites
  • Villas with 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom cliff-front options
  • Hydrotherapy pool, seasonal outdoor pool, and private pool
  • Comprehensive spa and wellness services
  • Fitness centre
  • The Orizon restaurant, beach bar, and 2 bars/lounges
  • Free full breakfast
  • Several dining options
  • Locally owned and organized tours & activities

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes the island escape the ultimate retreat, and why is it so exceptional for relaxation?

    The island escape is the ultimate retreat due to its serene natural beauty, secluded environment, and the therapeutic effects of ocean sounds and fresh air. It offers a peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle of daily life, creating an exceptional setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Additionally, the island escape provides a sense of disconnection from technology and urban life, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in a slower pace of living and fostering a deeper connection with nature, enhancing the overall relaxation experience.

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