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Good Time Sports Resort on Koh Mak

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Koh Mak, Thailand

Good Time Sports Resort on Koh Mak

Tranquil Oasis by the Shores

Nestled between the captivating Ao San Yai and Ao Kao beaches, Good Time Sports Resort on Koh Mak, an enchanting island, invites those seeking tranquillity. It features a state-of-the-art wellness centre, where you can immerse yourself in activities promoting inner peace.

The resort boasts 16 charming Thai-style villas, each offering breathtaking views. Surrounded by a lush garden, it exudes a serene ambience with nature’s soothing sounds. A short stroll takes you to the pristine beach, where you can enjoy yoga sessions with the gentle backdrop of waves and sea breezes. This peaceful setting allows you to find harmony within Koh Mak’s stunning landscapes.

Good Time Sports Resort stands out with its steadfast dedication to sustainability. Amidst the island’s natural beauty, you can feel confident that your stay helps preserve Koh Mak’s pristine surroundings. Furthermore, the resort’s commitment to eco-friendliness extends across all facets of its operations. This includes initiatives for waste reduction and energy conservation, showcasing a holistic approach to sustainability. The resort is more than just a haven for relaxation; it’s a sanctuary of rejuvenation. The resort invites you to contribute directly to the conservation efforts of this remarkable island.

Within this idyllic setting, you can engage in a myriad of activities connecting you with nature and nurturing well-being. Whether exploring coral reefs, embarking on leisurely bike rides through lush landscapes, or simply lounging by the pool, every moment at Good Time Sports Resort offers an opportunity to savour Koh Mak’s beauty while contributing to its preservation.

If you crave a serene escape where body and soul can rejuvenate, all while making a positive impact on the environment, Good Time Sports Resort on Koh Mak beckons. It’s more than a getaway; it’s a mindful choice to cherish and protect nature’s wonders.

  • Climate

    Koh Mak has a tropical monsoon climate: dry from November to April with pleasant weather and wet from May to October with occasional heavy rainfall.

  • Flight

    Fly from Bangkok to Trat and then take a speedboat for 35 minutes.

  • Language

    The official language is Thai but almost everyone speaks and understands English.

  • Currency

    The official currency used is the Thai Baht (THB).

Diverse Facilities and Activities

Explore the various amenities and activities offered at Good Time Sports Resort on Koh Mak. From thrilling water sports to well-maintained recreational facilities, the resort caters to both adventure enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation. Additionally, immerse yourself in the convenience of on-site services, including a spa, vibrant beachside bars, and personalised concierge assistance, making Good Time Sports Resort an ideal destination for a well-rounded and unforgettable island experience.

Scenic Beauty and Relaxation

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Koh Mak at Good Time Sports Resort. Discover the picturesque surroundings, tranquil beaches, and the resort's efforts to provide a peaceful retreat. Explore the opportunities for relaxation, whether it's lounging by the pool, enjoying spa treatments, or simply taking in the breathtaking views. Additionally, embark on guided nature walks or sunrise yoga sessions offered by the resort, providing a harmonious connection with the island's natural splendour and further enhancing your overall sense of tranquillity and well-being.

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  • Yoga Koh Mak
  • Fitness centre
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Coffee shop
  • Beautiful trails for cycling and hiking
  • Phoenix Muay Thai Gym
  • 16 Thai-style villas with scenic views

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  • What are the key benefits and activities offered in sports retreats that contribute to a holistic and active wellness experience?

    Sports retreats offer a unique blend of physical activity, relaxation, and personal growth. Participants engage in tailored sports and fitness activities with expert guidance. The retreats foster skill development, overall well-being, and provide a supportive community for individuals seeking an active and healthy lifestyle.

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