Khun Jazz

The Nomad

Jazz is dynamic and detail-oriented with over 10 years’ experience in the hotel, sports and health industry. Passionate about organising groups and events, she’s your go-to planning professional.

Allow us to introduce you to Khun Jazz, our Globetrotting Dynamo. Hailing from the heart of Thailand, she seamlessly bridges cultures with her fluency in both Thai and English. Her insatiable zeal for curating exceptional events and retreats takes her on journeys across diverse regions, where she ensures flawless experiences for our valued clients. This wanderlust-driven organizer has rightfully earned the moniker “Nomad,” encapsulating her boundless creativity and dedication. With Khun Jazz at the helm, each event and retreat is meticulously fashioned, promising an exquisite fusion of cultures, languages, and memories.

For numerous years, Khun Jazz has been an integral part of the sports and wellbeing industry. Previously a pivotal figure in the group department of Thanyapura Sports and Health Resort, her expertise is steeped in experience. With a rich background in fostering wellness, she has seamlessly transitioned to Vigeo Retreats, bringing her wealth of knowledge to the table. Khun Jazz’s journey has been a testament to her dedication to cultivating rejuvenating experiences, and her vibrant history makes her an invaluable asset to our team.


The Nomad