Women’s Wellness Retreat in Bali with Tracy and Kylie

Women's Wellness Retreat

Transform Your Life In Ubud, Bali

05 - 09 Jun 2024

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    Discover your purpose and learn how to chase your dreams in a supportive community of women worldwide.

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    Cultivate a deep connection with yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

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Women’s Wellness Retreat in Bali with Tracy and Kylie

Are you floating through life, searching for something more, but not sure where to begin? The Women’s Wellness retreat offers the perfect starting point for your journey. As we age, nourishing and caring for our mind, body, and soul becomes even more important to maintain our well-being. Self-care is a powerful act, and what better way to reap its benefits than in Bali’s paradise? Join Tracy and Kylie on a retreat that helps you cultivate a deeper sense of self while learning how to develop the courage and tools to transform your life.

Women’s Wellness Retreat in Bali

Embarking on change is exciting — it is a new opportunity for you to experience and broaden your perspective in many ways. In this wellness retreat, you’ll have access to transformational workshops that will instill a desire in you for better health, prioritize your sleep and self-care, understand your hormones, rest in meditation, and more. In addition to feeling the bliss of a getaway, you’ll discover your unique calling, understand who you are today, and explore how to fulfill your dreams and become the person you want to be.

When we embark on a retreat, we’re looking to unwind and pamper ourselves. Sometimes, even recharging and having time away can feed the soul. That’s why you’ll also have soul time, during which you can rest, enjoy the spa, or go sightseeing. Growth and personal development take form in many ways, and fitness is one of them. You’ll also engage in fitness workouts and learn about nutrition, guiding you toward healthy aging. If you are looking to escape for a couple of days, immerse yourself in a supportive community, learn how to manage stress, set intentional goals, allocate your resources to the right place, and plant a seed inside to flourish—then what are you waiting for?

Our Practitioners

Experts Leading Your Journey

Kylie Gates

Kylie Gates

With over 30 years in the fitness industry, Kylie Gates is a highly accomplished Master Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach. Holding certifications as a Professional Coach in Transformational Coaching and a 200-hour certified yoga instructor in Australia, Kylie’s journey has been dedicated to personal growth and learning. Serving as the Head Program Coach at Les Mills International and also as a Creative Director, Kylie has played a crucial role in shaping fitness programs on a global scale. Her coaching philosophy centers around the belief that one must be their first client, fostering self-understanding and openness to learning. Kylie Gates Coaching is the tangible result of a life dedicated to helping others become the best versions of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Tracy Minnoch-Nuku

Tracy Minnoch-Nuku

Tracy Minnoch-Nuku is a highly experienced advocate for women’s health and fitness. With over 30 years in the fitness industry, Tracy initially began her career as a Group Fitness Teacher and Personal Trainer, where she brought about transformative changes through her expertise in fitness and nutrition. For two decades, Tracy dedicated herself to developing teams and fitness training programs across Asia through live sessions, online platforms, and fitness apps. Her commitment to promoting health and well-being extended to her own experiences with menopause—a challenging journey that took a toll on her physical and mental well-being, work life, and relationships. Tracy documents her journey, including her symptoms and personal experiences, in her book titled “My Menopause Memoir.” She also shares her insights and expertise through her highly acclaimed podcast “Sexy Ageing.”

The Journey Ahead

A Wellness Journey that Helps You Discover Your Unique Calling

With two world-class coaches who exemplify physical wellness at the highest level while also empowering women to achieve balance and pursue their dreams, you'll engage in:

  • 1

    Holistic Well-Being and Self Discovery

    In this retreat, you'll discover the tools for a prosperous and healthy life, wellness, and tapping into your potential, while also taking action towards your dreams.

  • 2

    Transformative Workshops

    Tracy and Kylie will guide you through a series of powerful workshops that encompass your well-being. These workshops include goal-setting with intention, hormonal health and stress management, budgeting your time, building habits, delving into the steps that lead to true transformation in your life, fitness and nutrition, and more.

  • 3

    Mind and Body Connection

    You'll also engage in yoga, meditation, and Pilates which help you reset your well-being while learning and cultivating a deeper connection with yourself.

  • 4

    Soul Time

    Soul time offers you the time and space to reflect, recharge, and reconnect in various ways, whether it be relaxing, enjoying a rejuvenating spa, or sightseeing and discovering the beauty of Ubud.

Check out what's included

What you’ll get

  • Accommodation in Hot Stone Club Ubud for 4 nights
  • Full board for 4 days (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)
  • Yoga, meditation and fitness sessions
  • Workshops with Kylie: including habits, budgeting your time, getting intentional, self-care, and more
  • Workshops with Tracy: including hormonal health, fitness, nutrition, prioritizing rest, and more
  • Access to the Shala Yoga
  • Round-trip transportation from the DPS airport to the hotel is included
  • Free WiFi internet access is available
  • The above rooms include a Welcome drink, Kettle with tea and coffee set, Air conditioning, Mini refrigerator, Hairdryer, Safety box, Bathrobes and slippers, Toiletries, and Nano Gold Hydrogen water Okeara (premium water from a Balinese temple spring)

Optional Activities

  • Leisure time, including the afternoon for rest and rejuvenation, spa, or sightseeing

Women’s Wellness Retreat in Bali with Tracy and Kylie:

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This breathtaking Apriori Bangalow features a spacious 34m2 area with an outdoor terrace. When reserving a twin room, each guest will enjoy their own comfortable bed.


Apriori Bangalow
Per person per stay

The White Bangalow King features a spacious 47m2 area with an outdoor terrace. When reserving a twin room, each guest will enjoy their own comfortable bed.

The White Triple Bangalow offers a generous 47m2 space, complete with an outdoor terrace for guests to enjoy.


  USD 1,800

White Triple Bangalow
Per person per stay

  USD 1,590

White Triple Bangalow
Per person per stay

The Family Bangalow features a spacious 50m2 area with an outdoor terrace.

  USD 1,865

The Family Bangalow

Please contact us at contact@vigeoretreats.com for available room categories. We can’t wait to have you join us for a transformative retreat in the stunning landscapes of Bali!

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Hot Stone Club Ubud

Breathe in tranquillity, breathe out stress, and reconnect with yourself at Hot Stone Club Ubud. Nestled in the heart of Bali, this tranquil retreat oasis invites you to discover the enchanting magic of Indonesia. Experience the perfect balance of seclusion, relaxation, and harmony with nature. Immerse yourself in the essence of retreat to revitalise your mind, body, and soul. Leave worries behind and find the peace within. Cherish a journey where nature’s soothing melodies harmonise with serenity, crafting a haven for optimal relaxation and rejuvenation.

Hot Stone Club Ubud

Transform Your Wellbeing in the Heart of Bali

Discover the tools to thrive and embark on a journey that paves the way for you to become your most blissful self.