Winter Radiance Yoga Retreat

Rejuvenate your Mind, Body, and Spirit

A Space where the Spirit Reconnects with the Soul

22 - 25 Feb 2024

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    Experience yoga, meditation, and nature immersion to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

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Winter Radiance Yoga Retreat

Embark on a 4-day yoga retreat in the serene hills of Anandism, India—a peaceful spiritual haven for those seeking to escape from their demanding city lives. Anandism is nestled amidst stunning landscapes, offering lush greenery, crisp mountain air, and tranquil stone cottages. In this retreat, you’ll experience how to better connect with yourself and the nature around you. You’ll have the space to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit with yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes. Being able to marvel at the natural beauty while indulging in wholesome, organic meals enhances the rejuvenating experience. Whether you are a regular practitioner or a beginner, the retreat will guide you on a path of self-discovery and inner growth. You’ll leave with a deeper sense of connection and appreciation within.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in the therapeutic benefits of art therapy, allowing creativity to flow in a nurturing environment. Under the guidance of Vrinda, you’ll experience restorative yoga sessions that foster balance and tranquility, helping you reconnect with your inner self and find peace amidst the serenity. Join us on a path of self-discovery in the heart of Anandism!

Our Practitioners

Experts Leading Your Journey

Vrinda Sharma Rosenberg

Vrinda Sharma Rosenberg

With 5+ years in Indian law firms, Vrinda is a corporate lawyer turned yoga coach who enjoys teaching yoga to working professionals globally. She specializes in pre and postnatal yoga, hatha, ashtanga, as well as yoga nidra. Vrinda has been featured in 40+ episodes on platforms like Hindustan Times, Fitelo, and Brilliant Wellness, reaching 800K+ viewers. She enjoys hosting yoga retreats and collaborating with lifestyle yoga brands, bringing holistic wellness to the forefront.

The Journey Ahead

Winter Radiance Yoga Retreat

Throughout this journey, you'll discover inner peace and connection through the following:

  • 1

    Rejuvenating Yoga

    Experience the tranquil practice of Ashtanga yoga, connecting body and soul in the heart of nature. You'll immerse yourself in Art Therapy, sparking creativity and paving the way for a restorative yoga session, bringing balance to your journey.

  • 2

    Revitalizing Yoga

    You'll engage in a grounding session of Hatha Yoga, setting a serene tone for your day, and then indulge in transformative Pranayama at the breathtaking sunset point.

  • 3

    Experiencing Nature

    You'll have the stunning hills of Anandism as your backdrop, inspiring you to delve deeper and connect with the natural beauty that surrounds you.

  • 4

    Nourishing Yourself

    Throughout this retreat, you'll enjoy wholesome meals, soothing yoga sessions, and visits to the natural stream, embracing a holistic journey of wellness and self-discovery in this idyllic yoga retreat setting.

Winter Radiance Yoga Retreat:


  USD 305


What Our Clients Says

Vrinda is best at what she does. She is very meticulous in teaching Yoga to people. I truly enjoy her sessions.


It’s been amazing to have a very knowledgeable yoga Trainer like Vrinda. She is very engaging and a good trainer for corporates as well. Simple and Easy exercises taught by her have made a real impact on learners.


Vrinda is a really good yoga instructor. Her sessions have a calming effect on me but I can still feel the burn! She has a deep understanding and knowledge in yoga, and it shows in her classes. Her positive energy really makes each class a joy to attend!


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