The Niyama Retreat

A Journey through the Limbs of Yoga to Enrich, Unlock, and Deepen Your Practice

Unveiling Ancient Wisdom, Cultivating Harmony in Mind, Body, and Life

23 - 29 May 2024

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    Immerse yourself in practices nurturing your body, mind, and spirit amidst Laos' nature.

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    Cultivate a deeper connection within yourself while connecting with like-minded yogis.

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The Niyama Retreat

Are you a seasoned yogi or yogini wanting to evolve and venture deeper into your established practice? The Niyama Retreat paves the way for you to understand the philosophy behind each practice, the essence of why and how we do the work. Here, amidst the tranquil and scenic landscapes of Luang Prabang, you’ll gain a more profound understanding of your practice—a journey that guides you in exploring new ways to nurture your mind and body through the principles of Niyama. In this enlightening retreat, you’ll discover the art of establishing ‘dinacharya’: the Sanskrit word that blurs the line between routine and ritual. Additionally, you’ll cultivate a deeper connection within yourself while connecting with like-minded yogis in a natural paradise.

Luang Prabang is a truly inspiring, transformational haven where you can seek peace and enjoy disconnecting from the world. Each day unfolds with spiritual practices that celebrate your essence, the beauty of nature, and the joy of life. These practices guide you to delve deeper within, discovering inspiration and shedding excess impurities. As a result, you’ll depart with newfound confidence and trust in yourself, equipped with the tools to hold space for any uncomfortable feelings—embracing a transformative new way of living. A retreat should be rejuvenating but challenging at the same time. You are not only looking to relax and unwind but also to acquire tools to support lifelong learning. In this retreat, you’ll have the breathing space to reset and explore the connection of body, mind, and spirit.

Niyama Retreat: A Connection to Earth

To enrich your experience, you’ll immerse yourself in an ecological connection through hands-on earth activities, such as basket weaving and harvesting at the organic farm. These experiences add depth and meaning to meditation amidst the simplicity and abundance of nature, thus fostering a deeper connection. In this stunning backdrop, you’ll find immense abundance and solace, being able to revitalize Mother Nature and give back to the very source that nurtures us all. All the delicious food provided during the retreat is vegan and sourced from the organic farm, nourishing your well-being.

As you journey through, you’ll learn to infuse purity, contentment, healthy confrontation, continuous self-study, and absolute surrender into your movement and practice. Ultimately, you’ll embody these attributes in your daily actions, words, and relationships. You’ll also have the opportunity to go on walks and explore the stunning forests of Luang Prabang, engage in meditation, experience an organic farm workshop, cruise on a sunset boat tour, and partake in many more excursions to enrich your retreat experience. Join us in exploring an array of yoga philosophies—all in the peaceful and mystical city of Luang Prabang.

Our Practitioners

Experts Leading Your Journey

Vijeth Kumar

Vijeth Kumar

Fortunate to be born into a family where everybody was aware of Yoga and Vedanta, Vijeth has been witnessing the branches of yoga since the moment of birth. Early in life, he was introduced to the great yogi Sri Niranjana Saraswati, and the humbleness of his power sowed a seed inside him. Later on, he decided to follow his sister and became a student of BNS Iyengar in Mysore, walking the path of Ashtanga Vinyasa. His devotion to yoga led him to post-graduation in yogic sciences and human consciousness at Mangalore University. After over a decade of teaching at all levels of yoga training around the world, he understood that every individual needs special guidance and attention to bloom.

Anan Kumar

Anan Kumar

Originally from Barcelona, from a very young age, Anan had a deep calling for Eastern wisdom. After graduating in holistic nutrition, her curiosity for Ayurveda led her to discover its twin sister: Yoga. She began to practice with Olga Oskorbina in Jivamukti Yoga Barcelona and decided to further her studies by moving to India. After over a decade of simultaneously studying and teaching in Asia, leading large classes, and providing individualized attention, her classes blossomed. They became a combination of structure and flow, where students navigate intense yet graceful sequences with their breath. Anan is a nutritionist, herbalist, and yoga teacher committed to providing a safe space and a supportive environment. Her goal is to help students evolve their practice and embrace holistic well-being.

The Journey Ahead

The Niyama Retreat in Laos

Throughout this retreat, you'll experience a conducive atmosphere where you can discover something new within yourself through:

  • 1

    Cultivating Yogic Qualities

    Each day, you'll learn a series of practices, including creative asana, kriya, pranayama, active meditations, and philosophical discussion, while immersing yourself in nature and decoding the yoga sutras.

  • 2

    Removing Stagnant Energy

    You'll discover and understand all parts of yourself, identify areas of potential growth, and eventually create new energy and vitality while harmonizing the body and mind.

  • 3

    Removing Attachments

    With the guidance of Vijeth and Anan, you'll develop a balanced approach to your practice, allowing room for both growth and integration to be optimized—a truly rewarding process.

  • 4

    Immersing in Beautiful Surroundings

    You'll explore how to discover space between work and leisure, too much and too little, the pause between inhale and exhale, and the balance between strength and flexibility. Inspired by the stunning landscapes, you'll embrace simplicity, purity, and love as the foundations for wisdom.

  • 5

    Spending Time in Nature and With Yourself

    In Laos' natural beauty, you'll spend time in nature, journaling, or meditation. You'll have one-on-one sessions available for space to grow at your own pace.

Check out what's included

What you’ll get

  • Accommodation for 6 nights
  • Full Board (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included)
  •  A Baci Ceremony
  • Cruising on the Mekong River Sunset Boat Tour
  • Cooking Class including one lunch
  • Indulging in Lao Culture through a Bamboo Weaving Workshop
  • NamKhan Signature Massage
  • Fire Ceremony: SVAHA
  • Round-trip transportation from the airport to the hotel is included
  • Free WiFi internet access is available in the restaurant and reception areas
  • Complimentary water refill from your water bottle refill at your disposal in the room
  • Complimentary coffee/tea-making facilities are provided.
  • Complimentary access to the outdoor gym, swimming pool, and organic farm
  • Complimentary usage of the yoga platform is subject to availability
  • A gift bag of wellness essentials, including a manual, a mala necklace, essential oil, tongue scraper, neti pot, and more
  • A video introduction exploring the Niyamas to prepare for the retreat
  • A one-on-one session post-retreat to guide and see how you’re integrating the practices into your everyday life


The luxurious Explorer Tent has a room size of 55m² with a serene river view.
The Namkhan Deluxe has a room size of 38m² and views of beautiful tropical gardens.


NamKhan Deluxe & Explorer Tent
Per person per stay


NamKhan Deluxe & Explorer Tent
Per person per stay

The prestigious Namkhan Tent has a room size of 70m² and is set within a private 25m² wooden terrace with panoramic views of the river.


The Prestigious NamKhan Tent
Per person per stay


The Prestigious NamKhan Tent
Per person per stay

Venue information

The Namkhan Luang Prabang

Nestled in the heart of Laos, The Namkhan is a tranquil oasis that seamlessly blends the beauty of nature with rich cultural experiences. Situated on the banks of the Nam Khan River, our eco-friendly resort offers a unique opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Laotian countryside. Surrounded by lush tropical forests, our resort provides a haven for nature enthusiasts. Wake up to the melodies of birds and the gentle rustling of leaves in our comfortable and eco-conscious accommodations. Take leisurely walks through our verdant gardens, explore nearby hiking trails, or simply unwind by the river, where the soothing sound of flowing water becomes your backdrop.

The Namkhan Luang Prabang


What Our Clients Says

His ability to articulate the purpose, teachings and application of yoga is remarkable. He had all of us in his philosophy class completely captivated.

Karl Niemann

Vijeth not only brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of yoga to any classroom but is also a shining example of what yoga can do for you should you be wise enough to follow its path.

Matt Nash

He is wise beyond his years. Whether he is teaching asana or philosophy his peaceful, calm demeanour makes you feel at complete ease.

Horsebox O Brien
Organic farm

Dive into the Depths of the Niyamas

Experience a restorative environment infused with yoga philosophy in all its layers, and learn the art of simplifying an inner state of equanimity and comfort.