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Embark on a transformative journey where your body, mind, and soul transcend the ordinary to reveal profound depths within.

21 - 26 Oct 2024

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    Discover the essence of Pilates, where strength, flexibility, and harmony of body and mind converge to sculpt a healthier, more vibrant you.

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    Cherish intimate moments of self-discovery and relaxation through the gentle guidance of Pilates, where mindful movement meets rejuvenation.

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Pilates Reformer Retreat

Welcome to the Pilates Reformer Retreat, where every stretch sparks a journey of rejuvenation and holistic transformation. Discover the profound benefits of Pilates, enhancing muscle strength, improving flexibility, and promoting postural stability. Beyond the scope of yoga, Pilates offers a unique blend of mind-body connection, targeted muscle activation, and precise movement control. Let the power of Pilates Reformer Retreat guide you to achieve a greater balance of body, mind, and spirit. Get ready to unleash your full potential and embrace renewed vitality and well-being.

Hosted at Playitas Resort on Spain’s beautiful island of Fuerteventura, the retreat caters to individuals of all ages and skill levels. You’re invited to participate in this exclusive retreat programme. Here, you’ll discover a diverse array of reformer classes, spanning from traditional to contemporary styles. It unveils a perfect blend of traditional repertoire with athletic workouts and contemporary exercises for a dynamic fitness routine. The retreat also includes HIIT circuit sessions and aspects of athleticism. This transformative journey promises both physical and mental enjoyment while showcasing that Pilates encompasses more than mere stretching. This involves holistic self-improvement and a commitment to lifelong learning that fosters personal growth in various aspects of life.

Embark on the Transformative Pilates Journey

Are you ready to delve into the transformative power of Pilates? It’s time to deepen your practice, strengthen your body, and calm your mind. Led by Alessandra Rusciano, a seasoned yoga and Pilates expert, you’ll discover a holistic approach to mindful movement and wellness. From sunrise sessions to sunset stretches, it’s a journey towards greater vitality, balance, and inner peace.

Discover the Essence of Pilates

Embrace a holistic approach to physical fitness and well-being with Pilates. It’s an exercise regimen that enhances strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness through controlled movements and breath control. Offering numerous benefits for people of all fitness levels, regular Pilates practice improves posture, physical coordination, and overall fitness.

Master Pilates Techniques and Principles

After developing a strong mind-body connection, you’ll delve deeper into the intricate techniques and fundamental principles that define Pilates. Embrace various exercises, modifications, and progressions tailored to your needs, abilities, and goals. Advance steadily towards mastery and embody the essence of Pilates in your mind, body, and spirit.

Unwind in tranquillity, rejuvenate your mind and body, and reconnect with nature amidst Fuerteventura’s scenic landscapes. Let the power of Pilates elevate your spirit and invigorate your soul under the Spanish sky.

Our Practitioners

Experts Leading Your Journey

Alessandra Rusciano

Alessandra Rusciano

Alessandra Rusciano, an accomplished Italian expert in yoga and Pilates, holds a degree in Sports Science and is a certified teacher in both disciplines. She serves as a national trainer for ASI and Libertas, CONI-affiliated organizations, and as an international master trainer for the IPATH Method. Alongside her expertise, Alessandra is a charismatic sports presenter, an insightful fitness marketing specialist, and a strategic corporate consultant for several yoga and Pilates centres. With a passion for holistic wellness, Alessandra continues to inspire individuals to achieve their fitness goals through personalised training programmes and educational workshops tailored to their individual needs. Her dedication to promoting health and well-being resonates through her commitment to excellence in every aspect of her work.

The Journey Ahead

Pilates Reformer Retreat

Embark on a transformative journey, where inner peace unfolds and connections deepen, all guided by the magic of these essential elements.

  • 1

    Improved Core Strength

    Pilates exercises emphasise core muscle strengthening, precise movements, alignment of the body, mindful awareness, and controlled breathing techniques, fostering overall body stability, proper posture, and balance for holistic physical fitness and well-being.

  • 2

    Enhanced Flexibility and Range of Motion

    Pilates, with its emphasis on fluid movements and targeted stretches, enhances flexibility, range of motion, and efficient movement patterns, ultimately reducing the risk of injuries, relieving muscle tension, and improving physical performance and agility through regular practice.

  • 3

    Better Posture and Body Awareness

    Pilates practices foster body awareness through emphasis on proper alignment, breathing techniques, and mindful movement, cultivating better posture habits, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal issues, and nurturing a mindful body-mind connection.

  • 4

    Stress Reduction and Mental Well-being

    Pilates integrates mindfulness and relaxation through controlled breathing and focused movement, facilitating stress reduction, enhanced mental clarity, and a profound sense of well-being while calming the nervous system and promoting holistic harmony within the body.

Check Out What's Included

What you’ll get

  • Profound benefits of Pilates and its integration into daily life
  • Tailored guidance provided by the experienced Pilates and yoga instructor
  • Transformative retreat experiences on the enchanting island of Fuerteventura
  • Accommodation in Playitas Resort for 6 nights including breakfast
  • Lunch for 6 meals
  • Dinner for 6 meals
  • Free Wi-Fi and Internet access
  • Shared round-trip airport-hotel transport with other passengers
  • Daily usage of the Pilates reform machines

Pilates Reformer Retreat:


  USD 3,522

Double Standard

  USD 3,348

Double Standard

  USD 3,552

Junior Suite

  USD 3,384

Junior Suite

  USD 3,324

Junior Suite

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