JM Control Retreats with Jolanta

Discover the Pinnacle of Pilates amidst the serene landscapes of Crete

Embark on a transformative journey where your body, mind, and soul transcend the ordinary to reveal profound depths within.

26 Sep - 01 Oct 2024

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    Discover the transformative power of Pilates tailored for women over 50 years of age.

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    Nature-inspired Practices

    Experience personalised Pilates coaching amidst the stunning beauty of Crete.

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JM Control Retreats with Jolanta

Are you ready to embark on a rejuvenating Pilates journey unlike any other? Join JM Control Retreats for a remarkable Pilates wellness getaway amidst the stunning landscapes of Crete in Greece. Tailored specifically for women over 50, this transformative retreat programme empowers you to rediscover strength, flexibility, and inner peace. Here, you’ll find a holistic sanctuary filled with energising workouts, nourishing meals, and insightful wellness talks. Prepare to embrace a revitalised you in the realm of holistic wellness where ancient wisdom meets modern mindfulness.

JM Control Retreats in Greece

Experience this 5-night, 6-day Pilates wellness programme at Cretan Malia Park for self-discovery and renewed vitality. Led by Jolanta, a certified Pilates teacher and personal trainer, you’ll unleash your full potential through personalised Pilates sessions. The core principles of strength and sculpt training offer essential guidance for enhancing your daily routine. The programme embraces new challenges for women to empower themselves and redefine success according to their unique aspirations and values. You can forge new friendships and connections with Pilates enthusiasts from all over the world. By the end, you’ll return home with a profound inner transformation that will ripple through every aspect of your being. With cherished memories and lasting bonds, gratitude will fill your heart and leave an indelible mark on your heart. Let JM Control Retreats be your path to inner harmony and personal empowerment.

If you are a woman aged 50 or above, this retreat offers the perfect sanctuary for your transformative journey. It blends holistic wellness practices with personalised coaching that caters to individual needs and goals. With JM Control Retreats, you’ll rediscover your inner strength, cultivate resilience, and embrace the wisdom of mindfulness in a small group of fabulous women. It’s time to prioritise yourself, nurture your well-being, and reclaim control over your mind, body, and spirit. We can’t wait to see you there!

Our Practitioners

Experts Leading Your Journey



Jolanta is a certified Pilates teacher and personal trainer. She embodies a profound passion for body movement, a journey spanning over 22 years of dedication to understanding and mastering the art of Pilates. Through her practices, she has honed her skills and discovered the transformative potential of movement in healing and rehabilitation. With a focus on empowering women globally, Jolanta shares her expertise with compassion and precision, guiding individuals through personalised approaches tailored to their unique needs and goals. Her journey from practitioner to coach has equipped her with a deep understanding of the human body and its capabilities, enabling her to inspire others to unlock their full potential and embrace a life of strength, vitality, and joy through movement.

The Journey Ahead

JM Control Retreats with Jolanta

Embark on a transformative journey, where inner peace unfolds and connections deepen, all guided by the magic of these essential elements.

  • 1

    Improved Core Strength

    Enhances stability and reduces injury risk by strengthening core muscles.

  • 2

    Enhanced Flexibility

    Promotes joint mobility and muscle relaxation for increased flexibility.

  • 3

    Increased Body Awareness

    Cultivates mindfulness to recognise and correct movement imbalances.

  • 4

    Stress Reduction and Mental Well-being

    Reduces stress and boosts clarity through mindful movement and breathwork.

Check Out What's Included

What you’ll get

  • An exclusive Pilates wellness programme led by Jolanta
  • Accommodation at the beautiful Cretan Malia Park for 5-night, 6-day period in single occupancy
  • An opportunity to make new friends while enjoying Pilates
  • Excursion on the beautiful island of Crete
  • Active leisure activities and wellness workshops
  • Delightful breakfasts, and dinners
  • Giftbag
  • Airport transfer
  • Not included- Flight and local tourist tax
    10 euros per room and day

JM Control Retreats with Jolanta:


Bungalow Garden at Cretan Malia Park

  USD 3,100

Standard Room
Per Person Per Stay

Venue information

Cretan Malia Park

Embark on a peaceful journey to unparallelled serenity and refined living at Cretan Malia Park. Sitting peacefully by the majestic Aegean Sea, this retreat sanctuary is ready to envelop you with pure bliss. Your perfect holiday escape is waiting for you right here. It’s not just a destination; it’s a holistic haven where relaxation and rejuvenation intertwine seamlessly.

Cretan Malia Park


What Our Clients Says

“It’s funny, I was a bit anxious about traveling so far all by myself, but once I arrived, I instantly knew it would be just fine. Now, I’m on my way home with absolutely no anxiety at all.  I feel confident and am already working on my posture as I seem to be sitting much taller.  As women, I think we may tend from time to time to underestimate ourselves and forget how strong we are and what we can accomplish when we commit to it.  I plan to adopt some new practices and stretch my mind to consider some new endeavors and projects.  It may feel like a steep climb to me right now, but I think I can do it.”

Kathy Schneeberg

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